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Andersen Family; Clark, Bridget, Lucas and Carrie ClarkYOUR CHILD….

Will Be More Confident, More Focused, More Respectful and More Athletic!

Your Child Can Have…

Martial Arts Reston, VAThe Poise and Mental Toughness to Stand Up to Any Bully Without Violence.

Reston Martial ArtsThe Ability and Know-How to Set and Achieve Powerful Goals.

Karate Reston, VaThe Physical Fitness that Will Help Them in Any Sport They Want to Play.

Reston KarateThe Concentration Skills to Put Them or Keep Them on the Honor Roll.

Dear Reston, VA Parent,

Do you know the keys to raising a happy and successful child?

How about the secrets to cutting through all the “clutter” and distractions, and really teaching your child the “core” life skills they will need for life?

Or the “Secret Formula” for developing the character that makes a kid a leader NOT a follower?

If not, you soon can…

Yes, it’s true and you won’t believe how simple it really is to instill in your young one all the “core” life skills that will propel them to achievement! But the best part about everything I’m about to reveal to you is…

Your child will be having so much fun that they’ll forget they’re learning valuable skills that will turn them into strong leaders!

My name is John Chung and I am the owner of John Chung Tae Kwon Do in Leesburg, VA and a fellow parent.  I graduated from Wake Forest University in 1984, and  have been teaching martial arts since 1972. One thing that I’ve discovered over the years is that more families bring their kids to martial arts for so many other benefits totally unrelated to kicking and punching. The sad part is that there are too many martial arts schools out there who claim they can deliver what parents really want but fail miserably at actually delivering it! But NOT John Chung Tae Kwon Do and I can prove it to you!

Our curriculum will build physical ability through martial arts, but the true value comes from the positive mental “transformation” that occurs in all of our students. They may be shy and then in a short time they become confident. They may be a little un-rulie, but in no time flat they’re focused and respectful. It really goes on and on with the positive changes being endless!

John Chung Tae Kwon Do teaches young people all the skills they need to excel at school, at home and in life!

Families just like yours from all over Reston are giving their children (and themselves) the unfair advantage of John Chung Tae Kwon Do. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them?

You Have Nothing to Lose and YOUR CHILD Has Everything to Gain!

I’m going to allow you to check out John Chung Tae Kwon Do totally at NO Risk to you and at 100% my expense! Let me explain…

You can try John Chung Tae Kwon Do in Leesburg, VA for 1 Private Lesson! At this special lesson we will help your family get acquainted with our school and more importantly make sure your child feels 100% comfortable being here. During this lesson I will teach your child…

The 4 Laws of Razor Sharp Focus.

The 7 Magic Words That Get and Give Respect, Instantly.

The True Meaning of Self-Discipline, and How to Apply It to Their Lives.

The Secret Word That Stops Any Bully in Their Tracks.

And Much, Much, More.

And fellow parent, this is only the first lesson!

If you hurry up and call 703-709-5425 or register by clicking on the “Register Now” button below, you’ll also get….

The most incredible FREE gifts worth $264.00

just for trying Martial Arts for your child!


John Chung will personally work with your child to evaluate which character building points you would like your child to develop. This is to make sure we are right for your family with NO Strings Attached. He will do this because he’s so confident that our program will get results!

FREE Student/Parent Conference ($79.00 Value)

We’ll spend time One-on-One discussing whether your child is ready to benefit from our program. If so, then we’ll recommend the appropriate character development program for your child.

FREE Official John Chung Tae Kwon Do Sports Bag ($35.00 Value)


John Chung

Chief Instructor, 9th Degree Black Belt


P.S. I know that this all may sound too good to be true, right? That’s why All you really need to do is say…”Maybe.”

I’ve made it super easy for your family to explore John Chung Tae Kwon Do Institute with No Obligation, so you really have nothing to lose! But there are a few things you need to know…

P.P.S. If this sounds like something that will suit you and your child, please take a quick second and register below! You can also call us at 1-800-SIDE-KICK.

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